Enj is a fully integrated Business Process Management Suite - BPMS that provides a single unified platform that helps conceptualize, design, configure, deploy, and manage iterations of change for process automation solutions. Enj's innovative and recognized No-Code Low-Code approach helps deliver integration between system, close fit initial solutions and a capability to keep these solutions evergreen.

Enj is an enterprise class Business Process Management Suite that provides organizations with the capability of defining processes, and automating transactions, document flows and other interactions that form a part of everyday organizational dynamics.
BPM Introduction
Through the proliferation of a multitude of systems, organizations today have become a maze of silos, which have a large amount of information. The need now is to put together gap fillers which will make all the information meaningful and useful for decision making.

Today systems portfolio in an organization can be categorised into three layers called Systems of Record (SoR), Systems of Differentiation (SoD) and Systems of Innovation (SoI).

  • Systems of record (SoR) are applications (mostly COTS) which are standard across organizations in one or more than one sector. They are used for running operations and help organizations across the sector take care of common issues. Such systems include ERP, CRM, HRMS etc.
  • Systems of Differentiation (SoD) originate out of having better ideas than competitors where organizations build systems to do something better than their peers and competitors.
  • Systems of Innovation (SoI) are born out of completely new ideas when organizations are looking to break away from the pack using a new approach
BPM Components

BPM functionality comprises of these components :
(i) Process Modeling, configuration and improvement (ii) Interfacing capability – Human and system interface (iii) Business policies and rules processing (iv) Content management and integration (v) Business Activity Monitoring (vi) Extended Life cycle support.

BPM Benefits

Businesses worldwide would need to automate their processes not only to cut costs but also to provide Customer Satisfaction which will be the eventual differentiator in a fiercely competitive environment.

BPM Key Issues

Process management is essential to achieving organizational objectives. The only question that organizations need to ask themselves is whether they would prefer to do so in a die cast manner through ready software or use a flexible approach based on open world technologies freeing them of dependence.

A first step presentation of what Enj does and how it can help your organization.

This presentation takes you through the thought process behind Enj development, emphasizing the value Enj would bring to your business processes and therefore to the organization.

The presentation also demonstrates the ease with which any process occurring on the ground can be modeled, configured and deployed within the organization leading to tremendous savings in terms of increased efficiency and reliability. You now have information silos that automate processes fairly efficiently, but you have gaps in areas where processes cut across these 'vertical silos'. Enj acts as a bridge to connect these processes.

While the presentation has been made self-explanatory, we are willing to provide any assistance / clarification that you may require. Send us your queries at and our team would revert as soon as possible.
With Enj it becomes so much easier to put in place a basic application which can then grow to take care of all the issues that come up in real life.

This presentation takes you through the concept behind the development of Enj. It focuses on the ease with which Enj can be used to rapidly design and deploy Business Processes in the real world.

Nothing is static in the real world and the presentation shows how easy it is to enhance or alter the deployed processes on the fly within no time. We believe that Enj will not exist in isolation and most organisations would have applications already in place.

The presentation also shows how easy it is to integrate the Enj deployment with these existing systems.