Enj GL
Enj-GL helps define rules that integrate the transaction with your GL and specify the accounting treatment due to the transactions.

Very often, different steps in business processes have a monetary effect, and therefore on the books of the organization. Enj-GL provides the operations - GL translation, which automatically feeds journals to the GL wherever necessary. This seamless invisible interface helps tightly integrate business processes with GL and vice-versa. These journals could be transmitted to a corporate GL for aggregation and financial reporting, or the full GL functionality of Enj-GL could be exploited to do the same.

Enj-GL is the focus of Enj-Back office module. All business processes, which commit financial transactions, are connected to Enj-GL through back office. Complete General Ledger, Chart of Accounts, Customer and Supplier ledgers are maintained. The bills received and invoices sent through Purchase and Sales modules are recorded. After a bill is authorized through authorization process, appropriate entries are passed to Enj-GL. The payments and receipts are apportioned and the balances are maintained.

There are pre-defined accounting statements such as Trial Balance, P & L and Balance Sheet. Cost center wise analysis is possible. In addition Enj supports user-defined reports.

Enj-GL is completely integrated. It shows online balances with real-time posting. The parallel closing option is available. It supports multi-currency and allows multiple rollups.