Enj Organize
Enj-Organize helps define the organization structure and all the people who have been assigned the roles in the organization structure. This is a dynamic “roles based access model”, and can be managed on a real time basis.

You can create and maintain the Organization Chart using drop and drag technology. You do not have to activate separate options to define Roles and Users or to Assign Roles to Users. One single menu option 'Organization Chart' performs all these functions:
•   Add / Delete Roles
•   Add / Delete Users
•   Assign / De-assign Roles to Users
•   Add and Assign Role Attributes
•   Create Role Hierarchy

You can add a new role by a simple click of mouse and specify its position in the role hierarchy. You can also assign users from the existing list of users. Assigned and Available users are displayed in separate lists. Alternatively, you can add a new user. User name, user type, email, login id and password are maintained for all users.

You can also maintain Role attributes such as location, department, group, project and their values. After defining the Roles you can assign these attributes to the role. For example,
•   Role - Project Manager
•   Attribute - Department
•   Value - Software Development

Organization Chart