My Enj
MyEnj is useful for customizing User interfaces of Enj. This helps create a seamlessly integrated (with your corporate portal) interactive experience for your user community.

Enj has an exhaustive personalization module that allows users to completely alter the look of their Enj desktop. The Enj administrator can set the look and feel for the organization. Company administrators can override the settings set by the Enj Administrator. Each user can set the size, font and color of each of the elements individually as also the background colors for various parts of the screen. Users can also change the logos and the header that the screens have so as to have their individual feel.

The personalization module also allows users to set their default log in screen, the shortcut links they would like to see for quick access to repetitive actions, set the number of documents they would like to see, set filter and sort options as well as set personal information like time-zone, Administrative and Functional Supervisors and change their Enj password.