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Benefits of Enj
  • Close fit: Model the process as it works for your organization
  • Evergreen: Keep the solution in sync with evolving requirements
  • Integrate: Different data sources and applications
An Enterprise class fully integrated BPMS that gives you the ability to
Define Process
Automate Transactions
Integrate Systems
Monitor Health of Processes
Portal-based Approach
Optimise Processes
Mobile App
Enj-Modeler is an end user tool for rapid modeling of business processes, activities and business rules. It is used to configure processes using a “flow chart UI” . Using the intuitive drag and drop UI, users can rapidly model real world business processes and rules. Users can build process models, simulate scenarios, identify and proactively address process hotspots. It helps capture ‘richer’ process flow definitions by capturing business rules like who performs what activities, how and when, how do transactions flow from one part of the organization to another, related process performance attributes, reminder and escalation rules amongst many other aspects required for effective process orchestration.

The Process definition module also allows the user to assign roles to each activity and set the reporting and process view/ edit rights for the process. The processes configured can be orchestrated on a synchronous or asynchronous basis.
Enj-Designer provides a facility to configure human interfaces; specify documents; data attributes, and rules governing the data captured through these human interfaces. Enj Designer is a simple and easy to use tool that helps users define documents, its attributes, and business rules. It is a graphical' WYSIWYG tool. All items that need to be captured/ displayed need to be created by pressing buttons and dragged into the desired position on the screen. This tool has the flexibility to allow the user to format, set colors and fonts and define properties like item type (number/ character/ date), lengths and precision.

Enj designer has comprehensive features like its capability to hide intermediate values and (if required) to set some vales as non-database so as to reduce the load on the operational database. Various validations and alerts can be defined easily in terms of formulae. Simple items for text, Static lists, Complex Formulae, buttons for triggering actions, Lists of Values for ready referencing, Master lookups, returns and updates can be set at this stage.
Enj-Reporter has extensive reporting, report scheduling and distribution features that allow you to set up reports, and electronically ‘deliver’ them to the doorstep of the relevant people in the organizations.We realize that no enterprise product is complete without extensive reporting capabilities. Enj has been designed as a fully integrated solution and we have taken care to provide reporting capabilities that would meet most of the needs envisaged in real life.

This is an powerful tool that allows users to design freeform reports. The report Configurator is quite like the interface definition tool, but has additional report specific features that allow input of parameters, defining rules, setting sort orders and many more. Reports can be configured across activities and across processes, thus making available huge power in terms of easy information availability to the user.

Reports created through Enj Reporter module can be used as widgets in Enj Portal module. This gives users a capability to design their dashboard and place the important information they want view to perform their operational tasks.
Enj Portal is the right way to get diverse information together in a consolidated manner. Each logical piece of information can be configured as Enj report and a report is displayed in its dedicated area called Widgets. User can configure which information should displayed in widgets.

An admin can design role based portals. Portal module supports one or more column layout. Each column can be divided in multiple sections which are also known as widgets. The theme provides appearance and layout of the portal, including colors, fonts and images of the widgets. In each portal there are widgets that display the information captured in the application. Since a user can have multiple roles user can have access to multiple portals. User can select from the portals user wants to work with at a particular time.
Enj Mobile
Enj also has ability to extend and integrate processes automated on Enj BPMS with mobility solutions with Enj Server manually or automatically. Mobility BPM extensions are useful in processes where some role players need access to process artifacts in the field especially in an offline situation when internet connectivity is not available. The synchronize module of Enj has capability to set up bi-drectional synchronization processes to interchange data to and from the mobility device cache so that offline operations are enabled.
    Clients Benefits:
  • Easy to extend BPM processes to mobility platforms
  • Expanded scope of operations with a more mobile workforce
  • Capture of information even where no internet connection is available with synchronization as soon as connection to internet is available