Enj Modeler
Enj-Modeler is an end user tool for rapid modeling of business processes, activities and business rules. It is used to configure processes using a “flow chart” of UI. Using the intuitive drag and drop UI, users can rapidly model real world business processes and rules. Users can build process models, simulate scenarios, determine and proactively address process hotspots. It helps capture ‘richer’ process flow definitions by capturing business rules like who performs what activities, how and when, how do transactions flow from one part of the organization to another, related process performance attributes, reminder and escalation rules amongst many other aspects required for effective process orchestration.

The Process definition module allows non-technical persons to quickly and accurately define their business processes. Process configuration has been reduced to the simple task of pressing buttons and dragging objects into place, linking them and defining business rules in terms of formulae. Enj allows you to define activities and set human interfaces wherever required. The standard times can be set for each activity and be used as benchmarks to judge the system performance and optimize the process.

One can also set the timing and periodicity for synchronous activities (normal human interface activities, collates, imports or information input or decision making), Controls (where Enj takes decisions based on business rules defined), and Imports, Exports and Exims (Interfaces which allow for data exchange with third party applications).

The Process definition module also allows the user to assign roles to each activity and set the reporting and process view/ edit rights for the process. Standard times can be set for exports so that they can run automatically at set intervals.

Modifying a defined process was never so easy. Simply open the process for editing, and drag and drop the activities into their new positions, add/ remove links and add/ remove activities or controls.

An Enj Process