We are committed to maintaining a partner friendly and mutually beneficial partner program that helps us showcase our capabilities and provides our clients the most cost effective and successful solutions.

What can partners expect? We seek to make our partnerships truly symbiotic. We benefit from the richness of experience of our partners, our partners benefit from the rich functional capabilities of Enj that enables them to deliver greater value to their clients in their engagements, and the customers benefit from getting more out of their technology initiatives.

How does this happen? Enj's functional capabilities, coupled with our e-business strategic partnerships, put our partners and us in a unique position to help client organizations to implement their real-world and e-world business strategies effectively. Enj also keeps the processes synchronized with the fine tuning adjustments to strategies that are necessary in today’s fast evolving paradigms and competitive environment.

How does this help? What this means for the customers is that they will have a platform that will not only start them off their process automation requirements but will also provide them with the ability to keep these synchronized with changing business realities. This leads our partners to deliver increased value to their clients, thus enhancing their client engagements.

Visit the website of Coriendo, our affiliate company to know more about Enj based solutions
We are open to partnerships with hardware, database and technology companies. Enj is openworld and works on a large number of platforms and with various databases. We are keen to protect investments made by prospects over time in technology and would work with the client and technology partners to ensure that Enj works seamlessly with/ on their products.

Our technology partners benefit because Enj makes it possible for their clients to enable business process automation on their existing technology platforms thus deepening the client relationship with the technology platform. We benefit from the enormous reach offered by technology partners.

In March 2004, we successfully ported on IBM pSeries. BISIL is IBM's Business Partner for development. Enj has been tested and certified on IBM pSeries LPAR web application and DB servers running SuSE Linux Ent. Server V.8.
Consulting partners have specialized functional and vertical knowledge. Since Enj is a generic product, it can fit multiple verticals and be applicable in various functional areas.

Our consulting partners provide local support for our products globally. They are trained on our products, understand the exact customer needs and therefore are in the best position to suggest and deliver fitting solutions.

We benefit from the specialized knowledge and customer confidence that the consulting partners enjoy. Consulting partners stand to gain by being able to suggest and deploy a very cost effective solution at a rapid pace, thus providing to the client a fully working system.
We would like to leverage on the reach provided by marketing partners who have geographical and technological presence. We build win-win relationships with marketing partners for mutual benefit.

OEM Partners Software vendors with complementary products or with products that meet specialized requirements fall into this category. Enj provides them with the ability to build and market solutions round their base products at very low investment. This gives an opportunity to the partner to take to market a complete solution, thus delivering a significantly higher degree of Customer satisfaction.

Resellers Resellers, by their market reach, make our cutting edge products accessible to a wider market. In return we create attractive arrangements with them to reward them for their efforts. We are careful in ensuring that there is no conflict between our resellers. We also provide resellers with leads that come directly to us so that we can leverage their presence and provide us with a better opportunity to close the deal.