About Us
BISIL is a provider of Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) products and related services. It provides Business Process Management technology solutions to it’s clients around the world.

BISIL is a leading provider of Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) products. Enj – www.enjbiz.com is BISIL’s flagship products. We provide solutions and services related to Enj to our clients all over the world.

BISIL was founded in Nov 1990 and has its roots in developing and implementing enterprise class products and applications. Our first enterprise class product was Finserv, now Enj-Fin – an enterprise class product for full function financial intermediaries.

The seeds of Enj were sown in late 1996 – early 1997 based on the learning from implementing Enj-Fin – then Finserv, in large enterprises. In 1998, BISIL started work on a revolutionary product, Enj, which was then yet to be categorized. Finally, in 2002 this class of technology was formalized as Business Process Management - BPM. Enj was released to beta sites in early 2002 and Enj version 1 was formally launched at LinuxWorld in NYC in Jan 2003.

In the decade since its launch Enj has evolved with technology and brought several innovations to its users. Enj is currently on version 10.2 and version 11 is due to be released in the first quarter of 2013.

A brief history
BISIL dates back to late 1990. BISIL started operations as a software products and services company for providing software products and services to businesses. The history of BISIL can be divided into three phase – the early years; Finserv; Enj-BPMS.

Early years - 1990 to 1994
In the first phase, the company undertook assignments for development of customized applications on project basis. In this phase BISIL developed custom applications for various transnational corporations in verticals as diverse as Banking and Financial Services, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Professional Services, Health Care, Government and Public Sector.

FINSERV - 1994 to 1998
During this time BISIL focused on financial services marketplace and rolled out products for full function financial intermediaries. In this phase, BISIL designed, developed and marketed two generations of a suite of products to meet the mid and back office automation needs of the financial services segment.

Enj BPMS - 1998 onwards
In the recent past BISIL has consolidated its learning and experience in architecting and developing a Business Process Management product - Enj. The analyst and user communities recognize Enj as one of the best Business Process Management products.

BISIL has experience of over a decade in enterprise applications marketplace. This experience, combined with a cutting technology product suite gives BISIL the ideal platform to design, configure and deploy close fit business solutions rapidly.

BISIL is committed to continued enhancement of the capabilities of Enj by making it feature-rich. BISIL has a team of highly experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds in Finance, Manufacturing and Marketing. BISIL's strength lies in its experience of providing solutions to multiple industry verticals and functional areas.